Dim Dim Sum Sum the 5th day*

Dim Dim and Sum Sum playing everywhere at home. They started to fight a lot. My friend said this is call tagging the space like an alpha male. Sometimes they are really good with each other. I hope i don’t need to separate them up.

Dim Dim eats a lot more than Sum Sum, SS looks so tiny, and DD is totally a size bigger than SS now.

Potty train is failing. When they are good, they pee right, otherwise, I have to smell everywhere and pick up their “products”.

Got them harness pee pad, treats and pamper tissue wipe, so that it is easier for us to clean up their SHIT…

DD&SS collrage1Dim DIm COllarge 1

IMG_9141The wipe for cleaning up pee and shit.

PS: I am really happy that DD&SS`s siblings will all be together. Best wishes for them too.


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