Dog License in Winnipeg.

311 City Services : Winnipeg Animal Services Agency:  Dog Licensing, Bylaw Enforcement, Dog Adoptions, Volunteer opportunities :

Brought DIM DIM and SUM SUM home to my boyfriend’s house this weekend. His mom reminded me I need to get them license by law. So I had did some research and here are some of the price and rule for my babies. There are so many miscellaneous expenses for my pups>____<^.

In Winnipeg city, zero tolerance for dogs without a license is being enforced, a $250CAD fine ticket would be given without  warning, therefore it’s best to get your dog a license and it does not cost much at all. It is also very convenience, you may now apply it online. Plus, getting a tag allows you to recover you dog easier as people could chase you from the information being stored.


Annual Dog License Fees are:


In rural city like East saint Paul, fee and regulations are slightly different



2 thoughts on “Dog License in Winnipeg.

    1. Thank you for agreeing on me.
      I don’t much about dog and I know sometimes corporation could be bad(make money out lots cheap thing).
      But i know government enforces it for a reason, for you beloved dog HEALTH and SAFETY.

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