Should woman be a work-wife or house-wife?


Personally,  I think this is a very fascinating topic to discuss about.  
History have proved to us, most of the woman that solely rely on man and do not connect with outside world would most definitely disconnected with the society.  Therefore when your man divorce you (Touch wood*), you are leave with absolutely nothing beside that little crumble of money your husband give to you monthly, possibility unwillingly but force by the court.  All a sudden,  you have to go from washing dishes to fixing your roof, toilet, banking, managing mortgage payment and other bills etc., that you have not once thought of one day you need to do all these by yourself.

This auntie of mine, a 100% real deal Chinese house-wife, sleep separately with my uncle for years, knowing him sleep with other women since I was in grade school, but she could not speak a word of divorce because she would be putting herself in miserable, physically,  emotionally and financially. This way, at least she could spend whatever she wants with my uncle’s Visa card and still able to see her love one everyday.  She calls that “You realized you own more than what you think when you take a step back”. I don’t know whether I should admire her  braveness or grieve for her pithiness but either or, it bring us back to today’s discussion; Should woman be independent in order to protect and ensure themselves in future life. In my opinion, being independent is a must, it is probably also why the society today people would constantly fight for woman’s right, equality and opportunities.  I call this a evolution of woman’s ability, when we add up all these, it is means, throughout history, it is proven woman needs to be independent live their lives safe and comfortable.  Depending your life on another human being is foolish naive and insecure, being a dependent of another variable, you need to change when it change and have to be ready to adapt 24/7, why don’t we woman just take care of our own life?

On the other hand, although work-wife have absolute control in their own life, but this type of woman is usually not what an average man looks for. What they want is a woman that could support them behind their back, prepare meal when they step in after work, teaches children to be well behave and dishes and laundry are all being taken care of, of course last but not least, probably one of the most important one, let them show their alpha male figure and protect you when you are in danger.  This is someone a trend that passed on from ancient history, “Inside woman, outside man” , man makes money, woman takes care of home, therefore if woman today could all take care of themselves no problem, man would probably think, so what is the use of me? Why should cat be still exist when there is no more mice?

This is what is in man’s head, call the “devil of insecure” , they feel they need to be “multi-functional” to sustains a relationship, lives depends on woman is a shame and live parallel is just not right. The fact is, a relationship does not depends on each other income, education or background but the chemical between the two person that are willing to commit to each other to be aside in the rest of your life.  Therefore, man that put a keen smart woman out of choice of pool simply because they think they their IQ us lower than you is absolutely stupid.

Recently I had read a post about why man rejects woman that is independent, I could not help myself sharing share here.

I was told they want a woman who is attractive, intelligent, and independent – to a point. They want a woman who is capable of cooking, cleaning and doing the “wifely” stuff even if the duties are shared;.they want a woman who perhaps can run a company by herself, but maybe is still afraid of killing a spider.

In other words, they want someone who is capable of taking care of herself, but not so capable that there is no NEED for him to be in your life. If you kill your own spiders, what good is a guy anyway? *smile*

But after all, I have decided, I’d rather be a woman whom does not get wanted by average man than being a woman whom could possible abandon by any man!


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