Antique Mall in Winnipeg

Walking by this street everyday, but never realized there is a antique mall standing just 50 steps away from where I live. Passed by again today and decided to go in with Whisky (my younger’s name is Whisky).  We were shocked and were amazed by the size and design inside, it felt like a time traveller and brought us back to the 50’s. The most modern thing in there is probably the Visa machine and the computer in the office.

There are 4 floors includes the basement, lots and lots antique, the pictures will explain more.


I don’t know why do they just insert my pictures into album automatically, I don’t like it, but whatever.

I hope you all enjoys these pictures in this mall, it’s reminds me of a store my teacher brought me to a year or two ago. It’s kinda relax and fun walking around and see all these stuff. Like Time travel as I said. Well,, if any of you are interest of these goods, I could take a closer look for you guys.

Enjoy =)



PS: This red color lamp is my all time favorite, what do you think?


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