Finally, I get to see Dim Dim and Sum Sum again!!




Darrell’s parents took care of Dim Dim and Sum Sum very well, they spend a lot of time with them, playing with them, training them and etc.

Dim Dim need to be on the leash because he runs fast and they worry he would run to the cars, Sum Sum is more lay back, lazy maybe, he doesn’t need a harness at all.

They seem to growing,, quiet fuffy now, especially Dim Dim, they fought a lot, we are consider maybe we should neuter they are six months old.

The Halloween clothes for sum sum are from dollar store for teddy bear, I guess our dog is small enough, it took me a while to find clothes for them, and ended up all they need is a teddy bear clothes… sign.

The food I purchased are out in their dish now, they seem to have no problem eating them.

Halloween is coming, wish you all happy Halloween!!!


3 thoughts on “Finally, I get to see Dim Dim and Sum Sum again!!

  1. Hey Denise!
    I loooove these pictures of Dim Dim and Sum Sum. So good to see them again. Especially that cute sweater, soooo adorable!
    Cannot believe how much they have grown and they look so happy!!
    I’m so glad you keep us posted this way, hope to find many lovely stories on them

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