Black Sheep Diner–The best breakfast store in town


Black Sheep have been my favorite since the day 1 I been there,
Local arts are on the wall coordinates with some really nice music in the background.

Dishes are Big and prices are reasonable.
Local coffee, local sausage.

Breakfast adventure is my all time favorite, 2 eggs, hash brown and avocado with toasts and coffee.
$8.99 is what I paid I think and if you are there before ten, I think it’s one dollar cheaper.

My friend, Sae-a, ordered scrambler Tofu, unexpectedly  delicious, I have always think only Asian know how to cook Tofu, but they proved me wrong. The vegies and Tofu are tasty, and healthy.

Waiter and waitress have a style that blend into the store very well.

Should definitely give it a try, most of my friends that I recommended them to try have never come back with a thumb down.

540 Ellice Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 786-2822

I think they have Monday off.


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