Dim Dim & Sum Sum 1st Halloween

DD&SS Halloween week

Dim Dim and Sum Sum are growing fast =)
I was so anxious to see them again in my bf’s house ,
they ran to me when they see me, that just made my day.

They have not graduate in potty training yet but time to time they pee on the pad, that was cool, i feel like a accomplished big.

His parents spoil them, I kinda like it, they are lucky, get to run outside couple times a day and eat good food.

Dim Dim is now much bigger than Sum Sum, therefore SS obviously loses most of the time when they fight, but he is little sneaky, always do a come back when DD is busy with something else, and get DD to fight him again, which is stupid.

My bf’s dad circled a big place for them to play indoor, got them a toilet, kitchen, common room, bedroom and playground (all made of boxes and stuff) really cool. They enjoy it very much.


They have been seeing some different people, which is good, because I’d like to have them getting use to stranger so that they would not be a barker. DD whine a lot, in the morning or when he wants something, SS is more easy going and gentle, it is also why most of the people tend to like SS better, especially my brother and my bf’s younger brother too.

I joked about the reason they keen in SS more is because they see themselves in SS (being bullied by their bigger sibling), but i said, the truth is, we are never the person whom want to start a fight.

I love them so much and really glad I have them in my life now.






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