More about my Dim Dim and Sum Sum


DD&SS Dim Dim November first week 2011DD&SS November first week

DD&SS DIM DIM November first week 2011

My third week have these two cute puppies, I love them more everyday.

Dim Dim is getting so fat,, he looks more and more like a black bear, and Sum Sum is still the same.

They play together a lot and Sum Sum is trying to be tougher so that he can fight back.

My bf’s dad had gave them a air bed, they like to play with it a lot. Also, they created a new game themselves, one of them would hold on to something and the another chase around. It is so funny to see them do so.

Winnipeg Winter is hitting strong and snow is covered around, don’t know whether they could handle it. Potty training is only half way there, they sometimes still poo and pee in door…. Sign*

My favourite pictures of the week.



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