A cute Dachshund that need a place call HOME.

Foster – Dachshund

  • male
  • 1 years old
  • All up to Date Shots
  • Neutered
  • $400.00
  • Please call Cori-lee 204-792-0922
  • Email: cori3lee@gmail.com

Foster is an adorable eight month Pup. Fully grown, he plays really well with other dogs and is good with cats as well. 

He is gentle enough to be around small children. He is a loyal one, who wants to be at your side 24/7.  

He walks really well on a leash, and loves to go for a Jog as well.

He will bark at passing strangers, but does not show any aggression.

He will sit easily for you but as he is still a pup, training is still needed.  He is not house broken, he does not indicate when he needs to go out, so needs to watch him closely till fully trained. Also when he gets excited he dribbles a bit, but this is normal in younger dogs. 

He does well in a kennel, will whine for about 5 min then go to sleep at bed time. He does not understand fetch at this point, but will chase another dog to get the ball or toy.

8 Months Old


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