Dim Dim and Sum Sum 3rd week November, 2011

2011 Nov 3rd week sum sum2011 Nov 3rd week DIM DIM


Dim Dim and Sum Sum are here 4th week now, they are really cute,
Dim Dim is a jealous bug, he could not stand Sum Sum getting attention for a second,
Sum Sum are really lay back and cuddly, and able to keep calm any time and never whine.
Dim Dim on the other side is totally opposite, really energetic in the morning, jumping up and down, do a lot of exercise and running when he go on a walk. That is why he is more heavy and big.

Dim Dim is really fuffy and heavy now, VERY ADORABLE.
Sum Sum does like exercise as much, does not do much running out door, therefore it seem that it is also the reason why he is using the pee pad say 90% of the time.

2011 Nov 3rd week DD&SS  x22011November 3rd week DD&SS2011 Nov 3rd Week SS lying2011 November 3rd week DD&SS

2011 Nov 3rd week Dim Dim on  bed


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