Cute Chihuahuas looking for HOME**

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He is incredibly affectionate, likes to give kisses and cuddle. He likes to sleep under a blanket (like most Chihuahuas). If he’s taking a nap under a blanket and another dog disturbs him he will growl at them, but he isn’t aggressive. He likes to play with other dogs and with people, but he’d be fine as an only dog (he’s ok with cats too). He likes to go for rides in the car and for walks.
Billy will mark at first, but he does well with a belly band and eventually doesn’t need it. He has separation anxiety and hates being crated, but will settle down eventually. Billy will not poop on a leash, he needs a fenced area and prefers privacy (who doesn’t?)



Clara the Terrier-Chihuahua mix (2yrs. old & 6lbs)
Clara is spayed, up to date on shots and de-wormed.
She’d make and outstanding agility dog – she can get over just about any baby gate or ex-pen in a matter of seconds and she seems fearless about heights. She is playful and very sweet and affectionate with people.Clara will use puppy pads inside and go potty outside too. She is great about being crated and settles right down. She had carsickness issues as a puppy, but she seems to have outgrown it.
She is not fond of other dogs as she wants to be the center of her person’s world. We would like to see her go to a home with a senior or someone who has lots of time to spoil her as she is a little princess:)


Sherman is a 3 year old male Chi who is 5 lbs. He is neutered, up to date on shots and dewormed.
Sherman had a rough start in life and was neglected. Sherman was extremely shy and submissive and would pee on anyone who touched him at first. Once he felt comfortable he became quite the little silly guy. He is a happy, fun, little guy once he relaxes. He needs other dogs around to make him feel comfortable. Sherman likes to give kisses and if we hold him he becomes a silly little squirm worm and wiggles all over. He is very fond of Marty, and also likes furry dogs that he can snuggle with to keep warm. He is great about using a puppy pad inside and will also go potty outside in a fenced area. He is not that fond of a leash when he’s outside and kind of freezes up and won’t move.
In a new home it might be best to either keep a harness and leash on him or keep him in a confined area – he has an amazing abiltiy to keep just out of reach if you’re trying to catch him. He will usually hop into a crate for a treat and is great about being in a crate overnight or during a workday. He doesn’t have any separation anxiety issues. He probably needs another dog in the home to help him feel comfortable.

image Another honorary Pyrenees is coming into rescue. She is a young chihuahua, and her name is Prissy. She is a very sweet girl. If you are interested in adopting her please drop us a line :)–Jenn


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