Gorgeous Mini Pin needs a forever Home*


Jumping” Jack is a very active, happy min pin puppy. He loves to play, like most min pins, and loves that his foster brother, Spike, as as much energy as him and they can play together all day long! He is good with other dogs and new people. He gets a little nervous when he first enters a new situation, but as soon as he knows he’s safe, he is very happy to explore everything he can! We are working on guiding his puppy behavior into good habits, and housebreaking is still a work in progress. He knows that sometimes he has to go into his kennel, but doesn’t like being away from the action! Jack is good with dogs of all sizes, and makes new dog friends easily. He is a sweetheart and needs someone to cuddle with him when he finally burns out his energy and is ready for a re-charge nap!
6 months old
All up to Date Shots
Please call Tiffany 204-803-4270
Email: tiffanybisson@hotmail.com

Information retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=309123459115574&set=pu.214006311960623&type=1&permPage=1



Robin – Robin enjoys being a big brother to Lacey and wants to protect everyone in the house! He is our little security guard, announcing when anyone is outside, and making sure they know he is ready to serve and protect! Robin loves hugs, and gets lots of them since we are currently working with him to get over his fear issues. He is good with other dogs, of all sizes, but sometimes lets them know that he is still working to trust others and he would prefer to chill out alone for a while. He is an excellent snuggler and wants nothing more than sleep right next to you and cuddle in bed until you’re reay to get up. Robin likes to go for walks, but gets tired before his bigger foster friends. He is using these walks to work on his housebreaking and is doing well, but still needs some guidance. He is totally crate trained, and prefers if he gets a treat for being a good dog when heading into the kennel. Robin is becoming a great dog and needs someone who will understand that it takes a while to earn his trust, but it is worth every minute of the effort!

Organization website: http://www.smalldogrescue.ca


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