Another dachshund needs a new home quick!


This cute dachshund was found on Kijiji when I was browsing. Apparently he has been beating up by other dog. I feel so bad for this little guy and he is so so cute with his brown hair and warm eyes.

Here is the description I got from Kijiji:

Price:  $350 CAD (open for discussion)

This little mini Dachshund needs a new home quickly so he won’t get hurt. The other dogs at my house don’t like him for some reason and pick on him unmercifully. I am afraid he is going to be seriously hurt one of these days. Right now he has to live separately in my bedroom.
He likes everybody and is a super great cuddle dog. Can you give him a new home real soon? he is 5 months old and had all his shots. PRICE IS OPEN TO DISCUSSION.

Kijiji website:


4 thoughts on “Another dachshund needs a new home quick!

      1. Oliver is a year and almost 5 months. Brisco is 6 months old. Unfortunately they are being separated because the bf and I broke up and I get Oliver and he gets Brisco.

      2. I see, I am sorry to hear that your two dogs have to separated.
        But on the bright side, i think it’s great that you and your ex-bf truly love these dogs,
        there are so many homeless dogs are the tragedy of divorce and break-up.

        Over-all I think itz not too bad!! =) So are you looking a friend for Oliver? for some reason, I feel like Oliver should almost have a friend call Popeye!!

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