DD&SS are9 weeks old now


I guess time do really flies, when they first join my family,
they were barely noticeable since they were so tiny, they had small appetite too,
and now they eat a bowl of food a day, and barely look enough,,
Dim Dim look much fluffier, don’t know whether it is  because of he is more a terrier than Chi or what,
Sum Sum just look like he is a size smaller.

However, I think SS is growing up, he no longer let DD take the bowl alone, and no longer only eat when Dim Dim is not eating, he fight for his spot and get on top of his own business now. He is trying to be a man! I am proud. I no longer have to worry about him being bullied and can spoil Dim Dim as much as I could without feeling guilty. (most of the people would prefer Sum Sum more because he looks like such a victim, therefore I try to give more attention to DD.)


DD got much bigger, he used to wear xs collar, and he can barely fit into it now =_= he have to wear a size S jacket as well, he is growing fast. They look really smart on their jacket, I really like it.

We all try to spend sometimes with them outdoor, so that they are not just a bunch of babies that only adopt living in indoor.


Taking some photos with them, not sure whether they like it, but I hella love taking pictures with them,,they are just heart melting adorable!!


My favourite move of the week, squeeze them between my legs and see how long does it take him to squeeze out!!! Hahaha,, I am an evil mama!


Favourite pictures of the week, a group picture of them on jacket and that guy with his JJ hanging out like that~


Last but not least, considering I might have to travel with them to some place sometimes and the fact they might need to head into plane with me when I move back, I bought this lovely Sherpa from a nice gentleman on kijiji =))

Love it,,!! Look so nice~~!!


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