Do you know that dog could donate blood too?

Recently when I brought in Dim Dim and Sum Sum for a regular check up, and I got to know about animal blood donation. I think this is a very good non-for- profit organization whom trying their best helping animals whom need blood transfusion. I agree that healthy big dog that is in shape should consider doing so, not only for the satisfaction or spiritual things, but just knowing you dog would have the equal chances to get in accidents and illnesses, donating blood is like a saving investment. Free blood would be given back as needed. I typed all the information from the booklet I got and here is it.

According to Canadian Animal Blood Bank, it is important to pass out these message to people around you. Big dog that is in healthy condition should consider to donate blood. Every donation could help up to four other dogs that in need of help, and in return, each time of donation your dog would receive a free unit of a blood component if it ever requires blood in their life time.


How can you help?

– Register your pet as a blood donor

All of our life-saving donors are loved animals volunteered by their owners.
If your dog is:

–  Healthy and even tempered
–  Weigh 50lbs. (23kg) or more but not over weight
–  Between 1-8 years of age to start- retirement at 8 years of age
–  Up to Date with vaccinations
–  Heartworm preventative medication recommended but not required

Then your dog is a potential donor!

If you are interested in helping to save the lives of other dogs, please contact your veterinarian to fill out a registration form.

Your veterinarian will ensure that your pet meets our requirements. Once accepted into the program, we will ask that you visit a blood donor clinic every three months for a blood donation.

What happens during blood donation?

A small area on your dog’s neck will be shaved and a veterinarian collects the blood from the jugular vein. They collect a unit of approximately 450 ml (1pint).

Is there sedation used?

No. The process will not jeopardize your dog’s health and is not painful. Your dog will experience only inconvenience of lying still for a few minutes.

What happens to the blood after it is collected?

Once the blood collection is complete, we will process the donation into blood components. Once blood donation is capable of helping up to four patients who need blood.  These components will then be available to veterinarians across Canada.

Why should my dog become a blood donor?

You and your dog will be helping other dogs across Canada by assisting veterinarians to treat dogs for conditions such as these:

– Treating anemia
– Treating parvivirus infections
– Treating dogs who have eaten rat poison
– Support during and after major surgery
– Support dogs that have Von Willebrand’s diseases or Hemophilia A
– Support during cancer therapy

What benefits will my dog receive?

Along with the satisfaction of knowing that you have participated in a program that will save the lives of other pets, your dogs will receive the following benefits:

– One free unit of a blood component for each unit of blood donated, if your dog ever requires blood in its lifetime.
– Free microchip identification
– Bandana & blood donor dog tag
– Milestone dog tags for 5, 10, and 15 donations


Head Office in Winnipeg:
2055 Notre Dame Ave
Room AB71
Winnipeg. Mb R3H 0J9


Facbook link:!/group.php?gid=2467207882&v=wall


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