Dim Dim and Sum Sum’s first clinic visit.

This Monday, Darrell and I head back to his parent’s place so that we could bring them to the clinic.
The two puppies were quiet frighten in the beginning, their tiny tail have been snuggle between their legs most of the time till before we head home, then they started to get used to the clinic. They wouldn’t even eat the treat.  That was hilarious. I often laugh at Dim Dim, he thinks he is the toughest in the hole world, but when he see the husky in the clinic with him, his tail was just DRIPPY!!
Darrell insist to have them on the ground so that they can “experience” the real life outside.

Dim Dim was 2.9kg and Sum Sum is 2.2kg, obvious, DD is slightly more heavy, tiny bit over weighted. therefore we probably have to put him on meal control. Have not figure how can we do that yet, but will do something as long as we come up a plan.

They were there for needles and regular check up, Dim Dim and Sum Sum both have ear-mite, so they need anti-biotic pills as well as the test result shows there were some bacteria in their poo sample, so they need some pill for that too, and ear drops….

Bill end up at 300 +…sign…

Hopefully they will get healthy really soon…and I don’t need to spend more money on pill.


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