Urgent need for MONEY for dying dogs.

Forward information from Facebook Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue

URGENT. We received 4 dogs from a very bad hoarding situation up North last night. These dogs are in the worst shape we’ve ever seen in regards to malnutrition and dehydration. Unfortunately one of these sweet pups has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge… we would like to go back and save as many dogs as we can from this awful situation before more are lost to starvation. We are planning on leaving tomorrow to get to them as soon as we can. We are very low on funds right now and need money to rent a van, fill it with gas and drive to get these dogs. We will also need funds to care for them. Please help, we’re these dogs only chance. No donation is too small, any amount will help. Just think, if everyone here donated just $5 through paypal that’s $15,500.



This is my personal feeling, when I see this picture, my tears roll down, these puppies did not pick to be born and yet they have not being treated good enough not even in minimum level.

If you or anyone you know have spare even just a dollars, please help donate.

imagestarving dogs


Link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=252776448133032&set=a.113566255387386.19118.100886716655340&type=3&theater


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