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Hi, everyone! My name is Tika, I am writing a letter to everyone that want to know more about me. To MMDR, all my fosters, and my potential “furever” home that want to learn about me more.

I am a 5 years old Samoyed Lab x girl (born 2007). I have lovely light tan color all over me. I am a medium size girl that weight approx 40 lbs. Some people told me I had a tough life before I met MMDR. Some people told me I am so lucky that I am getting spoil by everyone that come across in my life since I arrived MMDR. I know I am lucky girl, and that’s why I am trying to walk out from my shadow bits by bits, with baby steps. Mom Dan Dan say that’s okay. Every step is a mile stone, and there are tons other supporters are watching me, love me and will take care of me.

I just wanna let you guys know. I will be tough and strong. I am good at taking care of myself you know? I am completely Potty trained and house broken, I am also good in vehicle, I sit very nicely, just one thing I don’t like, leash!!! I chew through leashes when I sit in car. Maybe I need a metal one if you have to leave me alone. Mom Cheryl train me to go bathroom outside, and Mom Dan Dan got me on newspaper on a flat tray. I like both way equally.

I am very good and elegant while I walk. I am completely trust worthy on walking, you don’t need much strength, you just need to be my leader, I like being a submissive follower. Put me on a short leash, so that I know you are on my side, even if stranger approach, I could tug behind you easily and immediately. Even though I was never taught how to walk on leash, but you don’t need to treat me like a baby, and rub me and check on me all the time. I would want you to enjoy your walk, just walk like you meant it, I do good on fast paste, so I don’t have time getting distracted. I really enjoy walking, but if you are too tired after work that day, it’s fine if I miss a day or two. I drain my energy by walking around at home anyway.

I am not picky on food, but little more picky toward treats, my favourite is raw high and sausages. Of course I am always open to new treats as long as you don’t make me eat it right away, in front of you.

The trick to be my friend is don’t be too hurry to be my friend, I warm up slowly. Tip 1, don’t look me into my eyes, I like smelling and sniffing first. Tip 2, don’t pet behind my ears (maybe after I get use to you), I like chin rub and back and bum rub. it’s nice. Tip 3, don’t talk loudly or scream by me, I freak out.

I would love to sleep in the same bed with you, if you allow. But giving me my own corner also work. Hardwood floor is my favourite, a pillow along would be what I call heaven. My first foster mom let me sleep with her, my second one teach me to be independent. I would do whatever you like.

One thing to remember, please don’t let go of me. I might run away, if you want me to be along, tight me with a pole or a camp pole that goes into the ground. Last time I took off my dad’s house, I hided in the bush for a night till next morning. If that happen again, just hold the door for me without showing yourself as I approach. I will come in on my own.

Last but not least, I am a friendly ball, I am great with puppies, dogs, cat, kids (if they don’t scare me), men (if they show me love) and women, you name it. I don’t chase after animals, I don’t bark when other friends bark or fight, I keep my temperament well.

Oh, one more thing, I never learn commands but mom says that I am a smartie pants. I understand what you want very well. “Out”(the room), “Stop” (barking), “Down”(the bed) etc, I did all these without a proper training.

My Christmas wish to Santa this year is finding a forever home. My second wish is, Santa could come early so that I don’t have to wait till Christmas to get my gift.

“Furever” home, Mom Dan Dan says if you ever need a night out without me, you could always broad me in her place, I am always welcome in her house. Contact her through MMDR whenever you needs her hand.



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