A on going story of my beloved pet, Rottweiler.

Hi, my name is DAN DAN.

I am just a average lady that loves dog, a lot.

At leisure times, my family and I also foster dogs for a local shelter.

On 28th  August,2012,

we adopted our new family pet through Humane Society.[Not the same place I foster]

We named our new pet, the Rottweiler mix, Siu Mai [A kind of Dim Sum].

His name is an extension of my two Chihuahuas [Dim Dim & Sum Sum].

My family are all in love with him.


I was one happy dog owner and active foster for this local dog shelter until this happened.

Siu Mai joined our family at 8 weeks.

I started to train him since we adopted him, sit, down etc,

He is very smart & intelligent, the smartest pet I ever had.

at maybe 13 weeks,

I discovered his aggressiveness over food,

especially toward treats.

Carrot is the selection of mine for his compliment diet and “bone” as treat.

I didn’t know better back then,

while doing practice of “trade” or “drop it”

I pulled his carrot away from his mouth,

and he bit me,

it wasn’t a major issue, but enough to drew blood to the surface of my skin.

therefore it got me worry.

I called YELP line from Humane Society to seek help.

They taught me some tricks to handle the situation if it repeat again,

as well to inform the puppy class instructor.

Also, we realized he slowly developed a behaviour of eating socks.

In training class,

during the demonstration of trade, [he was the demo guy]

Siu Mai showed his aggressiveness to my trainer,

and in the end of 6 weeks class, he was 19 weeks.

I was advised to do a behavioural assessment with him.

because aggressiveness behaviour is not within’ her expertise.

Never of I thought it was very important,

and I did not bring him in till 3 days ago.

He is 22 weeks now.


Due to the short notice of appointment and it’s situation,

the expert that did the assessment agreed to give me half hour.

We were brought in to a room, and allow Siu Mai to get comfortable in the area.

Just little while, with some questions inquiries,

the expert have already observed some of his behaviours [social, consciousness, etc.]

She determined him as a “beta” type dog (there are alpha, beta, delta and omega)

and explained that beta is the most challenging type to handle,

they are self-oriented and thinks that the world work around him and only.

Then she moved on to the test,

as requested to bring some wet food and treat,

Siu Mai’s wet food was spread around the bowl and gave it to him.

He hold to it tight and eat it very fast,

A costume hand was used to touched around him, and poke his bowl away,

and growled for 4-6 seconds, and bit the hand roughly.

I was told to look at his white part of his eyes,

and that he was not looking at the food,

but the hand and human that was holding the bowl,

it was a sign of aggressive and that for sure he hold grudges toward the person whom upset him.

[She also mentioned to me she had experiences that there was dog that would chase after her after she left the room and return]

In this case, she did not left, but continue on to second test,

the same idea but with his favourite bone.

The bone was given to him and was taken away.

He growl and bit the costume hand again.


The two tests are done.

She then told me in great concern about Siu Mai,

A rate of scale 7 out of 8 of an obsession/aggressive,

and 3 or 4 out of 4 of a bitfulness.

Recommendations are the following

1)Give it to guard dog companies.

2) Put to sleep

Imagine my shock,

tears ball out and could not hold it back.

She said my dog would not be suitable for a home nor farm,

it would most definitely create some kind of harm in the future.


I cried the rest of the day,

the foster group i was in have my biggest trust in life when it comes to dog,

I posted my situation on Facebook,

Supports given from other fosters really make me feel that I am not alone.

Admins on the other hand was in great concern,

my foster dog that was in decision to be adopted my my boyfriend was removed within’ 18 hours,

I was upset that they didn’t even bother to call to explain why did it has to happen.

[My foster dog and Siu Mai are kept in two separate area all the time]

After getting on hold with one of the admin,

we were able to get all the things straights

and I accepted the fact that my foster has to be removed.

Within’ 24 hours, I was kicked out the Facebook group without notice.

the reason being is “Not knowledgeable, equipped nor responsible enough” 

That really breaks my heart,

I feel that I try my best to take care of them, and friends of my could be witness of that.


However , that really should not be my priority now,

I focus on contacting other behaviourist for second opinion with all the respect from the first one

[I mean, people always seek confirmation even with cancer and stuff]

Over 60 # and emails were made, and I was waiting for respond in nerves.

WHS [Winnipeg Humane Society] responded that they were not able to do anything unless I abandon him with WHS, otherwise I have to seek alternative. And if assessment was concurrent with the result, they will put him to sleep.

I panic, did not see that coming.

“Adopted animal is your pet after 2 weeks” was quoted.


First person that offered help was  a gentleman that recommended by a local pet store.

He uses Cesar Millan methodology.

He was keen to help and sounds confident through phone call.

We e-mail back and forth a few times,

then I received my second respondent.


Second person was another local expert,

she agrees to do second assessment,

and through e-mail she really tries to comfort me and I greatly appreciate that.

Science methodology is what she believes in, Dr. Sophie Yin is one of her favourite.

And this Saturday morning we will meet in my house for second assessment.

I pray the best and hope Santa could come early.



My battle now is which side [methods] should I go with, I am really clueless. 


[If this is read, I would like to give a special thanks to the following (Jamie, Lisa, Courtney, Arenda, Kimberley Ducey, my family and the experts mentioned above [not sure whether I am allow to put their names on). Regardless how the result is, I appreciate the supports you given, and I will not give up unless there is no otherwise.


This blog is just a diary to draw down these memories and will continue to update.



Dan Dan & Siu Mai 8 weeks

IMG_2414(1)19 weeks last day of puppy class


This morning, we started to train “Leave the bowl” it went really well.


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