Siu Mai’s follow up (1) December 10th

As mentioned, my rottie was declared as dangerous in future time.

We found another lady to access him for us, so that we could have a second opinion.

She was very patience, however, she mostly agreed on what the first assessor says,

return him to WHS.

I gave myself a timeline, April.

If he isn’t able to be train by that time, and I will give him back by that time.

The behaviorist said his major issue isn’t the food guarding, but rather the mouthy issue,

he seem to overly like to put his mouth on human skin.

Therefore I started the following exercises with him after reviewing Dr. Yin’s videos.

1) At the same time I take away his toy or treat, I quickly put another high value treat in his mouth, so that he doesn’t has a chance to growl or mad, but oppositely, feel happy that he gain a treat by just losing the toy for three second, then I return him the toy.

2) ” Leave the bowl” does not seem to be an issue on dry food no more, I am working on wet food now, and there is for sure significant progress

3) Not allow to come in to the door or leave the cage until he is “sit” and I say “Okay, Come in”.

Doing great on this!!

>>>I have to leave the country for a month and have to kennel him, hopefully he get to socialize a lot at the kennel place.


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