Update on Siu Mai (A dog that requested to be euthanize but did not) + some diet tips

My last post was in 2012, too many things happened and I was away from Canada for due to personal reason for a period of 18 months. Siu Mai was fostered by my friend during the time I was away.

He was not treated with what he deserved. My boyfriend sent me pictures of him when he had time to visit. Through these pictures I could see his ribs from far, in a small icon, via whatsapp. My tears ball out, immediately. After that he also was discovered with skin problem due to stress and living condition. Then I decided to return to Winnipeg, Mb. Where I call home in Canada, where I have my Siu mai (rottie mix) and save him from disasters.

I was so shock with what I see, I couldn’t even believe my eyes. He was over weight (from being under weight couple months ago) due to the food quality and lack of exercises. He looked like a stray dog. I cried again. Feeling guilty and unforgivable to myself, being an irresponsible owner.

Siu Mai and I together commit to healthy living, and his weight has dropped from 38.1kg down to 31 in less than 80 days. I returned in August and by the end of September, he looked just perfect, and during last visit to clinic on October 15, my vet complimented on his beautiful shape.

Siu Mai and LalaBerry 10622958_10152666071841013_3142500955198976136_n

Therefore, I would like to encourage all dog owners that are working on dog weight do not be discourage. Commit to your tasks and it will happen very soon.

Here are some personal tips I put together to share. ( I ain’t professional but worked very well on my dog)

1/ Purchase better food

My personal preference is “Pure Vita” & “Orijen” , the fish flavor. Fish flavor tends to contain more natural goods such as omega and fish oil. Some people might find this brand expensive, but you could lower the quantity and supplement with some carrots and  cucumbers in the meal with little of wet food. That way they won’t feel hungry because they were fed with more food. If Money is an big issue, try to look for brands that contain Omega 3 in it, if it does, than it wouldn’t go too wrong.

Orijen-six fish
Pure Vita
Pure Vita- Salmon and Potato Formula

2/ Go on walk with a dog back pack

Siu Mai is a bigger dog (close to 70lbs now), so carrying the supplies (water, news paper, snacks, water bowl etc and my own belongings too) for him every time we go for walk is like going to hike for me ——Big hassle, especially after work or school. This back pack is a life savior. It drain his energy faster, and he seems to behave better with the back pack on. One of my dog friend explains that it might make them feel like they are “working”

dog back pack
dog back pack

There are couple different design from brand to brand, I like this one the best compare to several other brands/designs. This design is very convenience, the bags are attached on a vest that could put on to the dog. The first layer is just a vest with velcro and safety clip on, the bag could put on after the vest is adjust on the dog. Some other design are clip on two sides, some are just one layer. They come in sizes, this is a size Large for my dog but he would probably fit in a Medium.

(Feel free to ask me more questions)

3/ Obedience Training

Training them to do different tricks with positive reinforcement method is very benefit to dog both mentally and physically, it drains their energy, keep their brain active. Nevertheless, you could use these commands through out the days.

Siu Mai is now capable of doing: Sit, Down, Stay (long term), leave it (with foods, treats, toys and other items), release (to play with whatever he ask to “leave it”), jump (over my legs), drop it (even with his favorite treats, but takes awhile to get him give it up) and give (while playing fetch), stay to the right/left, catch it, come here. I do five minutes session per-time, for 3 times a day.

4/ Agility training/ sport training

I have not try them yet, but the staffs at my clinic highly recommend them, so I will give it a try and report to you guys again.

I am glad I am back, because I know I have you guys on my back.

Oh, and I will end my first blog in two years with a joke,

here is the “Before” and “After” of Siu Mai’s look after I tell him “WINTER IS COMING”

"Siu Mai!" "Huh?" "Winter is Coming"
“Siu Mai!” “Huh?” “Winter is Coming” (scroll down)

Have a Great weekend


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