What is this blog about?

Well, this is such a difficult question, What is this blog about?

I started this blog for 3 purposes:

1)To own an English blog. (I’m from Hong Kong, China, most of the blog I had does not have extensive English readers, and I discovered that from toptenreview.com that WordPress is the best 2011 blog, where bring me here today.)

2) To do some selling. ( I am just an average girl whom love to shop just like any other girls in the world. A great deal of clothing, accessories that i purchases for different purposes never able to be used. (I travel in different countries and bought different goods, and sometimes I sell these goods in a booth making some cash for paying my degree.

3) To catalog my life. (I love to write words, although my grammar are nowhere near perfect. Still, I’d love to share ideas about different things in my life with people who have similar interests. )

Plus, I recently purchased two pups —Dim Dim and Sum Sum, I want to keep some journals to remember how they have grown up under the love and care my family are going to give to them.

Last but not least, during the process of searching Dim Dim and Sum Sum, I’ve also learned that there are many dogs in need of help all over the world, I’d love to focus my attention in Winnipeg, MB Canada as it is where I locate right now, help rescue them and advertise for them and cross my fingers wishing someone with kind heart would foster, adopt or donate money to them .  


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